Welcome to AVALON

By Manee Mongkhol Gems

“ From a legendary island to the brand name. The beginning of jewelry that helps the wearer to shine glamorously …”

The intellect, innovation, creativity, and our craft combined into the quality jewelry from a manufacturer that has been accepted for our experience for over 20 years.

Great natural gemstones from around the world, cut and polished for an outstanding and beautiful glow. By our delicate craftsman skills, we create jewelry that suits every style. By using the exotic skills of a global brand with original Thai intellect, we got the ‘Invisible Setting’ technique that is normally used in big and costly jewelry that needs time and skills. This technique is used to combine gemstones together while having no metals between, so their color, glow, and shape can vividly be seen.

AVALON jewelry is made with love and intention. Every piece is unique, durable, and reflecting the luxury and its value over time.


Power of a gemstone

Gemstones are the heart of AVALON jewelry. They have different looks because of their geologic origins and mineral properties. Other than beauties by eye, it is told that gemstones have meanings and powers for a thousand years since the age of Babylonian, Greek, and until the present day.

For a long time, humans wore gemstones for beauty and they also believed that gemstones can protect the wearer and bring happiness and luck. Each gemstone can affect health, mind, emotion, thought, feeling, relationship, and other things for the wearer. For example,

– Sapphire | Other than diamond, sapphire is another choice for engagement rings since the past while being the symbol of stability and honesty.

– Emerald | Symbol of richness, wealth, and peace. It can also prevent misfortunes and accidents.

– Ruby | Gives power, courage, and helps the wearer to be loved by others.

– Onyx | Improves prestige and reduces anxiety.

It is not easy to choose gemstones that fit a person type because there are so many ways. It may be decided by gemstone type, color, or durability that suits the lifestyle. Also, the selection of diamonds and gemstones can be arranged to suit the birthday or zodiac sign. Sometimes, gemstones are chosen because of the stories and their meanings.

With our knowledge and experiences of Avalon, we are professional at giving advice for choosing the right gemstones. We can help you to choose quality gemstones and jewelry to reflect your style and personality in a very special way.


Our crafts, only for you

AVALON has much jewelry for you to decide. We help you create your one and only piece inspired by your style like engagement rings, anniversaries, gifts for your special ones, or the reward for yourself.

We can give the advice to help you choose your favorite gemstones and their frame on your budget. Our designer will help you see a clearer image, and send it to our craftsmen to make meaningful and valuable work.

To fulfill your determination, making jewelry is not only our career but also our passion!


Making every day special

We welcome you to visit our various collections. Find the desired jewelry that represents your own specialty. Let us fulfill your happiness. Other than jewelry, we have professional designers to create the piece, especially just for you, for any occasion. Whether you are looking for earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets, you can find it here! With our proficiency, AVALON is pleased to send your happiness, trust, convenience, safety, and prestige, making a special identity for you.


Every product comes with a certificate and after-sales service for its lifetime

With AVALON jewelry, making every day special and memorable.